ApentalCalc (Apental Calc) v2.52 APK Download App for Android.

Download New Apentalcalc (Apental Calc) v2.52 APK Latest for Androids:

Here we have provided the latest and most recent application of Apantel app which is also Known as ApentalCalc (Apental calc).  Apantel APP is one of the best and ultimate FB auto liker software for Android which give you unlimited likes on your Facebook photos, posts, and videos. This is an amazing App in APK format which makes you able to get more real likes on your photos. Apntel is the most reliable and efficient auto liking software for androids which works as FB photo liker. You can download new Apentel calc app 2017 version from here by clicking on the download links.

Facebook is one of the best sources to communicate and remain connects with others and now it becomes a fun to increase your post and photos likes. So, Apantel has created a free and hundred percent working online App in APK format which will easily enhance your photo likes on FB. Apental calc is the best and safe APK for android which is the most searched and downloaded auto liker App and many people around the globe use this app to increase their likes. Moreover, in this latest version, its developers have added many charming and marvelous features which make it more reliable and working.

How to get 1000+ likes on FB photos using Apental calc?

Apental App updated version is now available to free download on your Android devices and tablets. In my opinion, Apantel calc or ApentalCalc APK is the most simple  FB auto liker App. if you want to get 1000+ likes on FB photos using Apental App (Apentalcalc) then you only need to download this app from here and install the APK file of Apental Calc on your mobile. When this app completely installed on your android mobile phone then launches it. After opening this Facebook liker app you need to sign in with your Facebook account and follow the given instructions in help option to get unlimited likes.

Why ApentalCalc is not working?

Apental facebook auto like app is the ultimate and hundred percent working App. If it is failed to work then you should understand that it is not the fault of the App because it always works when your privacy post is ‘public’ on Facebook. So, be care full to change your privacy on Facebook to the public before using Apental Calc APK to get unlimited likes. I hope after changing the privacy of your FB post to the public you will be able to get likes on your pictures.

What’s new in the Updated version of Apental?

  • It is always free and working.
  • It is simple and fast auto liker.
  • It gives you likes on FB photos.
  • It supports many Android Operating systems.
  • It is safe and real auto liking software.
  • It has built-in photo viewer for your easy.

File details:

Name: Apental – facebook auto liker
File type: APK
Size: 2 MB
Os required: Android
I hope this software will work best for you and it will give you unlimited likes on Facebook. So, just download Apental calc from our site and enjoy its features on your Android mobile. At last, we want to say thanks to you for visiting our site and downloading the Apentel app.


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