AndroRat v1.20 APK Download Latest App For Android.

Download AndroRat v1.20 binder cracked App latest APK For Android Devices:

Do you want to Hack your friends phones and other devices ethically? Do you need a real Hacking app for Android devices? If your answer is yes then you are on a great place to get answers for all your questions and you will clear your misconceptions. Moreover, you can also download Androrat APK latest version(2017-2018) v1.2 for your android phone by using this post.


Androrat Application Description:

As, the name of this software AndroRat is the combination of two words Andro and Rat. Andro means Android and RAT means Remote Access Tool. Actually, this app is designed to access the android devices from a computer. This tool can help you to hack any android device at any time your smart devices like computer and mobiles. Furthermore, it also gives you access to read and write phones basic functions like calling, messaging, and social networking. Furthermore, it will help you to capture photos and read browsers history and many more. Please note that this app is only applicable for ethical hacking and it is not published to harm anyone. So, use this app with care and always use it on others permission. Apart from this, consider it that we have no relation with the invention of this app.

How to use AndroRat?

If you do not know how to use Androrat full version binder app then just go to Youtube and search for it. Furthermore, there are many step by step tutorials to teach you ethical hacking using Andro RAT binder cracked setup.

Features Of AndroRat App:

  • This setup help to read and write SMS.
  • It is an advertisement free application.
  • It can capture videos and photos through the mobile camera.
  • This can read browsers history, passwords and mails.
  • It help to monitor the live calls and other activities.
  • This can vibrate, record sound and use mobile network of the Hacked phone.
  • It can locate the phone using GPS system.
  • This is free and fast APK file.
  • It has an easy downloadable file.

File Details:

Name: Androrat full version For Android\

File Type: APK (zip)

Version: v 1.20 (latest 2018)

Official Site: No official website

Developer: DDT

Size: 962KB

Price: Free

Required OS: Android or Windows

I hope this app will work best for you. Because, before publishing we always check the apps. If there is still any problem then you can contact us through your precious comments. In a conclusion, i would like to thank you for visiting our site. Now, you can download this app by using the given link.

Download AndroRAT v1.2 APK file


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